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Why Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is a great country for foreign students that depend on Global recognized diploma, Good education, Easy entry, Low living cost and Low university cost, very developed and safest country. Azerbaijan should be your destination for many reasons: 

  • Many globally recognized universities to choose from
  • Start Bachelor’s with just O-levels (Save 2 years by skipping A-levels!)
  • Low cost of living (see below)
  • Low tuition fees (average 4 – year bachelor’s degree costs $2000 per year. Please see below)
  • No IELTS needed
  • Visa in 4 – 7 days
  • Admission in 1 week
  • No Bank Statement required
  • No Bank Balance needed
  • People in Azerbaijan are friendly
  • Geographical location of Azerbaijan (approximate to Arab countries)
  • Balanced weather in Azerbaijan (4 seasons, close to Lebanon’s weather)
  • University majors in Azerbaijan are diverse 
  • Education system is developed 
  • Universities are recognized

Our services

We tend to make “studying in Azerbaijan as easy as it can get to our customers. We offer a variety of services that     include:

  • Universities Acceptance (more than 20 universities public and private)
  • Following up with the Azerbaijan Embassies in the Arabian countries with everything related to the emission of the students Visas
  • Flight reservations specially discounted for students
  • We offer full and diverse services to students from the minute they land in Azerbaijan until the end of their semesters.
  • Following up and checking on students during their stay in Azerbaijan
  • Report everything related to the students directly to their parents

Why choosing Vistak for studying in Azerbaijan?

  • Certified member of the Azerbaijan-Arab Cooperation Organization 
  • We work in different field in Azerbaijan (education, work, investment and tourism)
  • We have strong relationships with colleges and universities (Public and private)
  • We have good linkage with different companies in different fields 
  • We know a lot of airlines, hotels and resorts that can help you with your stay no matter what the situation is.

Available Majors in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s universities offer a variety of Majors in different fields for its students, these majors include

  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Political sciences 
  • Literature
  • Administration
  • Technical fields
  • Management fields

Engineering majors in Azerbaijan

Management Majors in Azerbaijan

Medical specialties in Azerbaijan

Literary disciplines In Azerbaijan

Technical specialties majors in Azerbaijan

Requirements for University acceptance

  • Having a high school or university certificate attested
  • Good GPA, whether in high school or university
  • Passport valid for at least one year
  • Successfully pass the online
  • interview with the university
    Interviews will be in
  • English or the language in which you would like to study
    (English – Russian – Azerbaijani)
  • Only the University of Medicine obliges its students to the preparatory year

Universities of Azerbaijan