Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

This program is the rapidly growing economic Canadian immigration route. Recently, the federal government has slowly increased yearly provincial allocations for their corresponding PNPs, demonstrating the growing significance of these programs under the whole Canadian immigration system.

The PNP procedure allows foreigners with particular skills a more easy route to Canadian citizenship, giving them the freedom to live in any province or territory they choose. Immigrants to Canada are not restricted by their skills or wish to work in any field. For provincial nominees, the nation has a wide variety of permits that offer immigrants the freedom and flexibility they require while settling down and earning money. In Canada, PNP programs are a well-known option because they are the quickest routes to permanent residency. Although the eligibility requirements and application processes differ by province, however, PNPs provide a fantastic possibility to immigrants seeking to become citizens of Canada. The Canadian government sets the immigration policies so that they must approve overall decisions related to Canadian permanent residency. Therefore provinces can’t support this on their own. They are limited to using ‘nominee programs’.

Provinces and Territories

Canada’s PNP is an excellent pathway to grow trade options for your business in Canada. Each province has different requirements; therefore, you must contact each of them separately and find out what they have available when applying in the hopes of being accepted.

How the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) works?

The Federal Government of Canada and the Provinces have an agreement allowing the Provinces and Territories of Canada to nominate individuals interested in immigrating to Canada or those who

  1. want to settle in a particular province or territory.
  2. Possess skills, education, and work experience necessary to boost the economy of a specific province or territory.
  3. Want to become Canadian permanent residents.

Depend on criteria established itself by the province.
The Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) is an additional opportunity to immigrate to Canada and to meet IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) imposed requirements. In Canada, every province and territory has a unique immigration program stream. Each province has its program that is different from other provinces. For instance, provinces and territories may focus on the following in a programs stream:

Semi-skilled workers
Business people
Skilled workers

Candidates must demonstrate that they meet the requirements to be considered a provincial nominee. This will show that the applicant possesses the skills, education, and work experience to contribute significantly to society and the economy. The province or territory will evaluate the application in the context of the particular province’s requirements and the applicant’s sincere desire to settle there.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Application Process

Following are the easy steps for applying:

How do I get through the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) Step-by-Step Process

All final immigration-related decisions are made by the federal government, not the provincial government. As a result, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) has a two-phase process.

You must apply to the province for your provincial nomination.

If the province accepts you, you must apply again to the federal
government for permanent resident status in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) Step by Step Process

  1. Check your eligibility: Discover which program you might be eligible for by contacting us now.
  2. Complete a Provincial Nominee Program application: Send your application to the selected province or territory.
  3. Obtain Provincial Nomination certificate: If your application is complete and you’re qualified, you’ll get an official Provincial Nomination certificate that allows you to move on to the next stage.
  4. Apply for Permanent Residence application: Apply for Canadian permanent residency to the federal government. If you were nominated by Express Entry-aligned PNP, you could apply by Express Entry. Instead, you are required to submit a paper-based application.
  5. Get a medical and police check: You must pass a medical exam and obtain a police certificate. Everybody is needed to get these checks, no matter where you want to live in Canada.
  6. Obtain Permanent Residency: When IRCC approves you, You can finish your immigration to Canada for permanent residency.

Easiest Province To Immigrate To Canada

Nominations are usually only for people having contacts in the province or territory. If you apply based on school or work experience, there is a massive chance for you to obtain a nomination.
You should Consider the type and region of the job you want to live in a while looking for employment because it varies across Canada.

Requirements For Canada’s PNPs

PNPs in Canada have various requirements, but they all could use your assistance in some way. Depending on the province or territory, different PNPs have different needs. Some provinces or territories focus more on your work experience, while others concentrate intensely on your academic qualifications.

PNP will evaluate your education and language proficiency if you want to be considered for Canadian citizenship. Moreover, they also look into your skill set, which can help in general society contribution and desire to settle down inside the country or territory for which you are applying for residency.

How To Apply Through Paper-Based Process?

If your profile is not fit with Express Entry, you must submit a paper-based application.


When a Canadian province nominates you, you can submit your paper application for Canadian permanent residency.


You are also required to fulfil a police and medical examination check. 


Applications submitted electronically through Express Entry are processed much faster than paper-based applications. Paper applications take an average of 18 months to be processed.

Processing Time

For people looking for Canadian permanent residency, it is important to know two steps process. You must first apply for your desired province, and once approved, you can use it with federal government ministries or organizations. After that, they will decide whether or not you’ve been granted this privilege. The processing takes between 3 and 4 months to complete.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) and Express Entry (EE)

Every PNP program has a minimum of one immigration stream compatible with the federal Express Entry immigration selection system.
Some nominations that are “enhanced” provide nominees with 600 extra Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.
Provincial Nomination (PNP) is a special and precious factor in the CRS that successfully make sure that applicant gets an Invitation to Apply (ITA) at the next draw from the pool. 
Express Entry candidates are assigned a CRS, a score out of 1,200 that decides who should be given an ITA for permanent residency. These 600 gratuity points would ensure that the applicant would get an ITA in almost every round of Express Entry draws.
To be considered for a provincial nomination through the (PNP) stream, a candidate must first create an Express Entry profile and join the pool.
Always remember that if you’re not eligible in a province, you could qualify for another province’s program.