Investing in Georgia

A Growing Economy with Unique Opportunities


Georgia is known for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and hospitable people, making it a popular tourist destination. The tourism industry in Georgia has been growing rapidly in recent years, with over 9 million visitors in 2019, and there is significant potential for further growth.


Georgia has a long history of agriculture, with fertile soil and a favorable climate that supports a variety of crops, including grapes, hazelnuts, and tea. The government has implemented several reforms to support the agriculture sector, including improving infrastructure, simplifying regulations, and offering tax incentives to investors.


Georgia has significant hydroelectric and wind power potential, with several large-scale projects underway to increase renewable energy production. The government has implemented policies to support energy production and reduce reliance on imported energy sources.

Real estate

The real estate market in Georgia is experiencing rapid growth, particularly in the capital city of Tbilisi. The government has implemented policies to support the construction industry, including tax incentives for developers.

Simplifying business regulations

The Georgian government has implemented several reforms to simplify business regulations, reduce bureaucratic red tape, and improve the ease of doing business.

Tax incentives

The government offers a variety of tax incentives to foreign investors, including exemptions from value-added tax (VAT) on imports of goods and services for investment projects.

Investment protection

Georgia has signed investment protection agreements with several countries to provide legal protection for foreign investors.

Free trade agreements

Georgia has signed free trade agreements with several countries, including the European Union, Turkey, and China, providing investors with access to a large and growing market.

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