International Experience Canada

International Experience Canada

International Experience Canada offers young individuals the chance to experience Canadian culture and work life. The program was established to help employers fill positions with foreign workers who are needed, without the need for a Labor Market Impact Assessment. Participants can stay in Canada for a maximum of 1 year, based on the needs of their employer, without the need for renewal

Eligibility For IEC Program

To participate in International Experience Canada, candidates must meet the following requirements: they must be within the age range accepted by their country’s program, with a maximum of 35 years old. Additionally, they must be citizens of a country that has an agreement with Canada allowing foreign nationals to obtain work permits.

Programs Of IEC

The IEC program has three different components, each with their own eligibility requirements and application process. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the specific program you wish to participate in before submitting an application.

1. Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday visa is ideal for those who want to work and travel in Canada. Successful applicants will be granted an open-work permit which allows them to work anywhere in Canada during their stay. This visa is a popular option among those looking to travel to Canada during their vacation and has relatively relaxed eligibility requirements, which vary based on the applicant’s country.

2. Young Professionals

The IEC programs available are Working Holiday, Young Professionals, and International Co-op Internship. Working Holiday is for those who want to travel and work in Canada, while Young Professionals is for young professionals looking to gain Canadian experience.

3. International Co-op

The International Co-op Internship is for students looking to fulfill an internship or work placement in Canada. To apply for Young Professionals, you need a job offer from a Canadian employer, while for the International Co-op Internship, you need a job offer or internship in Canada.

Steps To Apply

The application steps include:

  1. Create a profile on IEC
  2. Wait for an invitation to apply (ITA)
  3. Accept the invitation to apply (ITA)
  4. Submit a work permit application
  5. Receive the work permit.

Steps To Apply:

The application steps include

Create an IEC profile.

Wait for an invitation to apply (ITA)

Accept the invitation to apply (ITA)

Submit a work permit application

Receive the work permit.